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VPBIR 1800 Autobreaker

BR-1800 Breaker


The VPBIR-1800 AutoBreaker is a semi-automatic, high-speed breaker system for LCD panels orsingle sheet substrates. VPI's innovative breaking technology incorporates " tuned impact" , utilizinga precise, digitally controlled breaker technology to extend the scribe through the glass. The results are exceptionally consistent, high quality after-break dimensional tolerances, with what customers have termed, "The Best Yields in the Country."

This fully programmable AutoBreaker features adjustable breaking parameters to individually characterize each break. This meansstrips less than 4.0mm (0.160" ) wide are possible.A recent customer comment indicated that VPI BR-1800 is their " method of choice, especially with TFT LCD's."

The VPI BR-1800 AutoBreaker is controlled by a PentiumĀ® microprocessor with user-friendly operator interface, and is designed for high volume production breaking. The AutoBreaker is fully compatible with all current VPI Scribers and can receive the breaking data directly from the FAST-24 and GS-310 (Series) Precision Scribers.


  1. High Speed
  2. Semi Automatic
  3. Increased Productivity
  1. World Renowned VPI Quality
  2. Tuned Impact
  3. User Friendly
  1. Rugged Design
  2. Proven Components
  1. Price Performance
  2. Short Term ROI
  3. Excellent Yield

Specifications for Application Of LCD Laminates & Single Substrate Breaking

Maximum Substrates:465 mm x 465 mm18" x 18"
Electrical Requirements:230 Vac, 800 W, 1 Ph, 50 Hz120 Vac, 800 W, 1Ph, 60 Hz
Air or Nitrogen:5.5 Bar80 PSI
Vacuum:63.0 cm Hg25 in Hg, 5 CFM
Weight:270 kg600 LB