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14793 Rota-Spray Etcher

Mega Electronics Model RS1210 Rota-Spray Etcher

S/N: 690064

Mod No: RJ1210

110-115 Vac 60 Hz, 575 VA

Country of Origin: England

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Mega Electronics Rota-Spray Etcher

The Rota-Spray is a Spray Unit with a built-in Spray Wash Tank and is normally used for Etch / Spray Wash. The unit features:

  • Digital temperature control - Set & control temperatures accurately.
  • Transparent case design - Panels can be examined after processing without removing.
  • Integral Spray Wash Tank - Washes the entire board holder to keep whole etching process clean. Fitted with adjustable spray bars.
  • Typically etches PCBs in less than 90 seconds (3-4 times faster than a Bubble Etch Tank.)
  • Bottom drain with secure fastening - No syphoning necessary.
  • Splash hopper included - Helps to contain chemistry to aid clean processing.
  • Safety cut-out on lid - Motor cuts off if lid is raised during etching.
  • Board Holder - Takes multiple small boards. Low profile design means less etchant (or developer) collects on board holder keeping processing cleaner.
  • Digital timer controls processing time - Since the board is not immersed in liquid, there is no over-processing after completion. This makes over-etching rare.
  • Board Capacity: 10" x 12" (254 x 305 mm)
  • Dimensions: 25.6" H x 18.7" W x 19.7" D
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14793 14793

Rota-Spray Instructions