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14754 Silicon Carbide Heated Box Furnace

Carbolite RHF 14/35

S/N: 20-701901

480 Vac, 3 ph, 50/60 Hz, 16 kW, max current 35 A/phase

Carbolite RHF Box Furnace

Silicon Carbide Heated High Temperature Chamber Furnace


1400°C Peak Operating Temperature
1300°C Maximum Continuous
16 kW, Fast 38 minute heatup
11.8" W x 18.3" D x 9.8" H ID (35 liters)
30.7" W x 37.2" D x 34.8" H

  • Silicon carbide heating elements, providing long life at elevated temperatures & able to withstand the stresses of intermittent operation.
  • Carbolite 301 PID controller, with single ramp to set-point & process timer.
  • Controllers extend heating performance by compensating for the effects of element ageing.
  • Hard wearing refractory brick hearth and door surrounds.
  • Low thermal mass chamber insulation for energy efficiency & rapid heating & cooling.

Application examples

  • If the process creates small amounts of acid, NOx or water.
  • Burn-off processes which create a lot of fumes.
  • Melting different kinds of glass which emit aggressive gases.
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14754 Carbolite RHF 14/35 Box Furnace
14754 Carbolite RHF 14/35 Box Furnace

Carbolite Box Furnace

Testing at 1300°C

14754 Carbolite RHF 14/35 Box Furnace