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14753 Laboratory Box Furnace


Carbolite GPC 13/65

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Carbolite GPC Box Furnace

General Purpose Chamber Furnace

1300°C Peak Operating Temperature
1200°C Maximum Continuous
14 kW, Fast 45 minute heatup
23.4" W 15.3" L x 11" H ID (65 liters)
30.7" W x 37.2" W x 34.8" H OD

  • Rugged construction for heavy-duty heat treating requirements.
  • High power free radiating side heating elements provide fast heat-up and enhanced chamber uniformity.
  • Vertical lift door design keeps hot door insulation away from operator.
  • Low thermal mass insulation improves energy efficiency and fast heat-up rates.
  • Hard ceramic hearth provides excellent resistance to wear and spillage.
  • Long-life heavy gauge coil heating elements.
  • Chamber vent provides for process exhaust.
  • Dense refractory around chamber entrance resists abrasion and wear.
  • Positive break door safety switch isolates power to the heating elements when door is opened.
  • Low outer case temperature provided through double shell construction.
  • Small case size conserves bench space.

Application examples

  • Aging; Annealing; Curing
  • Firing / Sintering; Foundry or Melting Furnace;
  • Heat Treatment;
  • Laboratory; Debonding, Digestion, Ignition Test
  • Burn-off processes which create a lot of fumes. Melting different kinds of glass which emit aggressive gases.
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14753 Carbolite GPC 13/65 Box Furnace

Carbolite Box Furnace

Testing at 1300°C

14753 Carbolite GPC 13/65 Box Furnace