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12570 UV Dose Meter

International Lights IL390C Light Bug

S/N: 3651X

light bug light bug


The IL390C UV Curing “Light Bug” is a self contained UV dose measuring instrument. The IL390C’s low profile, improved spatial response and range allow its use in the latest design high power UV curing apparatus, printed circuit (photoresist) and printing plate exposure systems. IL390C spectral range is 250 to 400 nm for UVB and UVA measurement.

The unit has been engineered to tolerate the harsh environments associated with UV curing applications. The polished aircraft aluminum housing reflects the high infrared and UV irradiance encountered to protect against overheating and materials degradation. The solid machined housing and internal high “G” force mounts on all critical components enable the unit to withstand rough handling in conveyor belt systems.

The IL390C’s one button operation enables quick, easy and accurate measurements by non-technical personnel without disruption of production schedules. The instrument is run through the curing system and displays accumulated UV energy received. This allows the user to control the curing process by adjusting belt speed to maintain an optimum UV level for a particular formulation or to assist in troubleshooting a problem in the system, such as dirty lamp reflectors. Production process monitoring with the IL390C minimizes waste product and downtime.