TF-100 Screen Printer Specifications


Standard Features:



Precision print head to - carriage alignment using unique one-print Mylar adjustment system with X, Y, 
and theta micrometer adjustments.
Consistent print uniformity    
All adjustments have independent locks and stay in setup    
User-selectable print cycles:  single print mode with flood print/print flood; alternate; and double print modes    
Contact /Off-contact printing capability    
Hydraulic squeegee drive
with adjustable speed and stroke
Squeegee pressure adjusted by
calibrated coil springs
Adjustable squeegee down stop and angle of attach    
Choice of fixed or floating squeegee assembly    
No tools required for set-up    

System Specifications

Print Area: 6" x 6"
Frame Size: 5" x 5" up to 12" x 12"
inside dimensions
Substrate Carriage: Registration Repeatability: 0.0005"
Substrate Size: 6" x 6"
X-Y Adjustment: 0.500" range (micrometer)
Rotary Adjustment: 10" (micrometer)
Squeegee Head: Print Stroke Adjustment:
1" to 9"
Speed: 0 to 15" per second
Screen Height Adjustment:
1" range (dial indicator)
Pressure:  2-30lbs
by calibrated coil springs
Angle of Attack Adjustment:  5"
Squeegee Holder: 7.5" maximum (specify)
with .0375" square blade

Service: Power: 115V, 60Hz (220V, 50Hz),
1 amp
Air: 80 - 125 psig @ 6cfm
Vacuum: 23 Hg @ 4cfm
Dimensions: Printer
Length: 42"
Width: 16"

Formica Covered Table
Length: 48"
Width: 37"

Steel Stand
Height: 28"

Shipping Weight